Exploring the Pench Jungle becomes truly exhilarating with a wildlife safari in Pench National Park. This immersive experience allows nature enthusiasts to witness birds and animals in their natural habitat. The national park boasts seven safari zones spread across distances ranging from 2 to 80 km. Before embarking on a safari adventure, it's advisable for tourists to conduct thorough research, referencing the gate index, to ensure a delightful experience.

The Core zone of Pench features three gates: Turia Gate, Karmajhiri Gate, and Jamtara Gate. Turia Gate, situated closest to National Highway 7 on the Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra border, stands out as the preferred entrance for many visitors. The southern part of the reserve hosts a majority of hotels and resorts, surrounded by a diverse landscape of mixed vegetation, scrublands, and streams. Noteworthy spots include the Baginnalla waterhole, frequented by leopards, and the path leading to the Junewani waterhole and Kala Pahad, the highest point of Pench. Pyorthadi, renowned for its panoramic views of rocks amid Ghost Trees and Salai Trees, characterizes the area, while the central park zone is rich in lantana undergrowth, offering sightings of Chital (Spotted deer), jackals, and various bird species.

The Best time to visit Pench is during the winter season, particularly from November to February when Madhya Pradesh experiences favourable weather conditions. Opting for nearby accommodations enhances the experience, facilitating early morning safaris for an added benefit.

Pench Jungle Camp

Nestled within 50 acres of vibrant greenery and untouched scenery, Pench Jungle Camp is strategically positioned approximately 1 km from the Turia Gate, a core zone of Pench National Park. This camp elevates the accommodation experience, providing a range of options that merge complete comfort with luxury. Dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of guests, the resort places a strong emphasis on guiding and hosting. The team of naturalists, fueled by passion and enriched with extensive knowledge and firsthand experiences, contributes to the overall delightful stay.

Pench Jungle Camp features 13 tastefully furnished luxury safari tents, 3 deluxe safari cottages, 4 standard safari rooms, and one family suite. This array of offerings makes it an ideal retreat for nature enthusiasts seeking a tranquil escape amidst the pristine landscape.

Tiger N Woods

Nestled deep within the Pench Tiger Reserve, just a kilometer from the renowned Turia safari gate, Tiger N Woods stands out as a premier accommodation and dining choice in Pench. With a passionate commitment spanning 14 years, this eco-resort offers 14 spacious rooms spread across 3 acres of land surrounded by tall, dense trees. Additionally, there are 10 wooden machans and 4 Tiger Suites available. Tiger N Woods boasts amenities such as a swimming pool, a multi-cuisine restaurant named Roar, a bar called Tipsy Tiger, a souvenir shop, a bakery, and various relaxing areas. The dedicated staff, prioritizing guest comfort, is well-trained and can assist in organizing engaging activities, including bush dinners, outdoor games, jungle safaris, walking trails, and more.

Mowgli’s Den

Established in 2002, Mowgli’s Den stands as the pioneer resort in Pench National Park, situated a mere 2.5 km from the Turia Safari Gate. Immersed in the verdant forest, this resort provides a distinctive destination, delivering an unparalleled experience. Drawing inspiration from Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli, the resort showcases luxurious tents and cottages harmonizing effortlessly with the natural surroundings. Guests can partake in activities such as bird watching, nature walks, jungle safaris, and enchanting camping under the stars for an unforgettable adventure. The resort offers three types of accommodations: Village Cottage, AC Cottage, and Premium AC Cottage.