Fauna in Pench National Park

Pench National premises facilitate to take care of setting with ordinary and literal value. Unlike humans, who are extremely good at surviving in all feathers of conditions, some creatures find it veritably fragile, or insolvable, to survive in areas where their function has been distressed or changed. Pench National Park saves territories for a wide range of native and wildlife. Park upholds biodiversity and cover exposed genus. They provide people with the opportunity to learn about natural plant life and fauna as well as to travel around and respect the beauty of different and off-beat surroundings. 

To conduct study in an area, the most essential thing is to do a reconvenes outgoing check of the area. Surveying the area is the getting used to of the area to accumulate useful information. Pench is rich in mammals diversity and you got to observe the beauty of spotted deer, Black-naped hare, Bison, Langour Nilgai, Porcupine, Sambar, wildbore and barking deer and more.

fauna in pench

Apart from the above list, there are Tiger, Leopard, Jungle Cats, Sloth Beer, Wild dog, Jackle, Wolf, Hyena, Fox, Wild Boar, Langoor, Monkey, Indian Gaur (Bison), Sambhar, Barking deer, Spotted deer, Porcupine etc. You can have the privilege to be around species of reptiles, Snakes, Monitor Lizard and many unique species. More than 300 species of residential and migratory birds can be observed at Pench national park’s inside the premises.


Coming to birds, Pench National Park is a heaven for birdwatchers and is no less than other National Park when it comes to the number of bird species. There are around 285 species of birds found in the park including White-eyed Buzzard, Malabar Pied Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Osprey, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, Sarus Crane, peafowl, red vented bulbul, crow pheasant, crimson breasted barbet, red jungle fowl, racket tailed drongo, magpie robin, whistling teal and many more species of migratory birds. The exquisite and colorful birds are the feast for the eyes and you will not take time in falling in love with them once sighted. 


Tigers can be seen around the Pench River. The park magnetisms tourists from all over who wish to spot the tiger. The Pench River and other dampen torrents in the park are abode to Fresh Water Turtles and Crocodiles. Male tiger and female tiger have varied social behavior, structure and territories. This larger living species of cats are undoubtedly super strong and their body structure is very attractive. The eye catching combination of brown fur and black vertical stripes are favourite among tourists. Though, tigers are quiet clever and quick adapter and their hunting pattern is hiding themselves inside the bushes. You will love their fun activity and some hidden interesting facts about them. 

Interaction with Other Species

The lovely collection of leopards, Asiatic wild dogs, brown bears and wolves throughout the forest can be seen easily and tigers are usually active at night. Interaction among species is loved by humans and they appreciate such happenings inside the premises.