Pench National Park, famed among the wanderlusts as the home of Mowgli, is situated in Madhya Pradesh. However, some parts of the buffer zone of the national park are extended in the state of Maharashtra. Pench is a well-conserved reserve under the administration of the forest department. It is named after the river Pence and is located in the districts of Chhindwara and Seoni. Pench National Park has gained prominence due to its adoption in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’. 

To reach Pench National Park there are two airports in the vicinity, namely, Jabalpur Airport and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur. The nearest railheads are Nagpur Railway Station and Jabalpur National Park. Bus services are available from Seoni and Khawasa bus stops. The Nagpur-Jabalpur Highway leads to Pench National Park. 

The national park boasts a high population of Bengal Tigers and the Pench Tiger Tour is something that tourists predominantly aim at on their visit to the national park. Other than the magnificent tigers, a jungle safari at Pench National Park also facilitates the spotting of various wild animals such as leopards, brown bears, Asiatic wild dogs, wolves, Indian gaur, langoor, spotted deer, barking deer, sambhar, porcupines, etc. 

On a visit to Pench National Park, embarking on a jungle safari is the primary activity tourists are fascinated with. Jeeps are designated with their zones to take tourists on safari in the morning and evening slots. But, before going on the safari expedition, tourists need to acknowledge themselves with several guidelines, rules and tips regarding the national park and must abide by them.

Among multiple rules, regulations and tips, one of the significant factors to be considered is the clothing tips based on the season you are planning your visit. The Pench National Park allows entry to visitors from October to the end of June. Safaris are done during the winter and the summer season. During the monsoon season, the national park closes its gates to tourists as the season is completely unsuitable for jungle safaris. July to September marks the monsoon season and November to February and March to June are the winter and summer months of Pench respectively. Based on the weather conditions you need to choose your outfits for a comfortable safari experience. The colour of the clothes should be matching with the jungle surroundings. Avoid putting on bright or shimmery clothes, as it might cause the animals to leave the spot and move away. Thus the chances of wildlife spotting will be ceased. Choose some nude or light natural coloured fabrics to wear.

Here are some clothing tips for Pench National Park safari -

1. For summers -

Airy linen and cotton outfits are the best.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes. Choose something breathable. 

Continuous exposure to sunlight will cause tanning. Therefore, wear skin-covering clothes, preferably full-sleeved uppers and full trousers. 

Along with clothes, do not forget to wear comfortable footwear.

In the early summer months, carry thick cotton clothes for a morning safari.

2. For winters -

Wear proper woollen and warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

Cover your face and nose with mufflers, scarves and masks while on an open jeep safari to avoid the chilling winds.

Also, carry gloves and woollen socks to stay warm.