Sauntering through the jungle, T-15 with her magnificent spirit would find several fanatics beyond the bounds of the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. Affectionately addressed as T-15 or Collarwali, was more than just a tigress wandering in the wilderness. A Famous modern-day idol, a tigress who had a tracking radio collar on her neck was the face of Madhya Pradesh’s tiger reserves. Her adulation was obvious in the prolific deluging of distress across the world after her sudden demise. The Tigress died in mid-January this year.

Tribute to Collarwali

The Social Media was stocked with tributes from wildlife enthusiasts, travelers, nature photographers, and celebrities too. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was interested in Collarwali and her mother, Badi Mata because they had gathered the attention of wildlife enthusiasts across the globe. A Wildlife special, 'Spy in the Jungle' featured her along with her littermates which gained the reserve popularity as visitors flocked to see the tigress and her littermates. 

Role in Repopulating Tiger Reserves!

Due to her sheer size, she was generally mistaken for a male. Although she was nearing the end of her life, she was still able to assert her supremacy in the Pench forest. Unlike other Tigresses, Collarwali indulged the spirit of distinctiveness amongst her cubs. A Mother Tigress normally nurture her cubs for two years, but Collarwali only gave care for a year and a half, leaving her cubs in the jungle to learn how to survive on their own. As a result of her unusual strategy, her cubs have grown to be stronger tigers, who are now able to make their own way in a variety of adjacent forests, not only in Pench. Similar to Collarwali, her cubs have played a significant role in increasing tiger populations in areas where they were rapidly diminishing. One of the cubs of Collarwali namely T-6 played a remarkable role in repopulating the Panna Tiger Reserve which saw a rapid decline in the tiger population. 

During her lifetime, Collarwali formed a bond with wildlife enthusiasts. Her fearlessness and confidence made her often approach vans of tourists, as she dispensed them with astounding snapshot opportunities! Aloof bewitching images with her cubs which are 29 in total can be found across the world. As a mother, she enjoyed the camera spotlight and often walked near or played with her cubs near a lake. 

As the world mourns her demise, the country praises the imprint left by the majestic Tigress.