Visiting Pench National Park, the originating ground of Kipling’s masterpiece, ‘The Jungle Book’, is a paradise for wildlife admirers. Pench stands on the districts of Seoni and Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh, bordering Maharashtra. One of the obvious reasons to visit Pench is due to the significant population of Bengal tigers. Beyond the presence of rich wildlife, Pench also boasts a plethora of experiences, tourists love to undergo. 


Exploring Pench from Multiple Dimensions

Exploring Pench National Park thoroughly unravels various other experiences offered to tourists. Discover what the wildlife haven has to offer to its admirers that gives indelible marks in memories. 


Jeep Safari: Hopping on a jeep to drive inside the forest to witness the unfiltered nature as a front-seat audience is something you must experience while visiting Pench. Jeep Safari in Pench is undeniably the foremost priority of visitors. Sitting on the jeep you will get the view of various plant species, sounds of animal calls, and even their glimpses. If luck favours and you are opting for a jeep safari in the peak season, tigers can also be part of your viewing list. However, abide by the park rules as per the instructions of the driver and the guide. 


Cycling Tour to Rukhad: Embark on a captivating wildlife-spotting adventure with a cycling tour through the Rukhad sanctuary in the buffer zone of Pench National Reserve. Situated within the Kanha-Pench Tiger Corridor, Rukhad is teeming with diverse wildlife, including gaurs, tigers, leopards, bears, and various herbivores. Cycling through this sanctuary offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in nature's raw beauty and observe wildlife up close. Enhance your experience by joining fellow cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers on this unforgettable journey.


A Visit to Potter’s Village at Pachdhar: The small village of Pachdhar in Seoni is renowned for its vibrant community of potters, located 80 km from Nagpur. Home to over 100 families, Pachdhar is steeped in the rich tradition of pottery, with its inhabitants belonging to the Kumhaar community. Heading the village offers glimpses of the skilled potter community shaping exquisite creations on their wheels. You can immerse in the age-old craft and purchase an array of remarkable items, including earthen vessels, piggy banks, lamps, tea glasses, and more. 


Runi Jhuni Walking Trail: Experiencing the forest land on foot is an experience beyond comparison. The Runi Jhuni Walking Trail stretches from the Karmajhri Gate in Pench National Park, accompanied by expert naturalists and guides. Tourists are provided with the opportunity to go on the trail of 2-3 km to experience nature and wildlife right in front of them. With experts’ insights, you can confront various pug marks, alarm calls, animal droppings and so on while on the walking trail. 


Boating through the Marble Rocks at Jabalpur: The Marble Rocks are a good option for a day trip from Pench National Park. These marble rocks, located in Bhedaghat of Madhya Pradesh are a true gem of nature’s art. This stunning 8-km-long marble gorge formed by the Narmada River flows through the soft, white marble. In the past, the gorge was much narrower, and monkeys could easily jump across it, leading to the local name of "Bandar Kudni." The marble in the area is rich in magnesium, making it perfect for carving, and the skilled artisans here create beautiful marble statues and figurines that are shipped all over the country.