The Tiger population in the Pench National Park is 22 males and 22 females. This park is genuinely one of the best tiger reserves in India. Wildlife and safari tour here is very vivid to that level that you will love and crave for the same not only once but often. One single sighting of the tiger is very important for the tourists if they will see them continuously for a few minutes then how blissful will be the moment for them. Those beautiful places are many times discovered and people would love to gather with their loved ones to explore at their best. 


Safest Place for the Tiger

These national parks are not limited to spotting tigers as they have many more things to be offered but this is also true that many tourists' main concern is to bump into tigers. Tigers have been greatly protected by the Pench National Park and they are safe in the inhabitant. Poaching is also not happening often so Pench National Park's official role is in providing a better lifeline to the tiger. 


A Safari tour makes a great difference and offers all amusement to your soul that you crave. So much entertainment and fun to watch the tiger over and over so that you feel the vibes from inside. This experience gives goosebumps and travelers enjoy seeing that. 


At Pench National Park, apart from big cats' popularity, wildlife enthusiasts love to spot, animals like leopards, wolves, jackals, fox, striped hyenas, sloth bears, the Indian gaur, chital, sambar deer, nilgai, dholes, macaques, chinkara, barking deer, wild boars, and swamp deer. The reserve is also into snakes like cobras, pythons, and the Indian krait. The varied population of avian beauties like the Indian pitta, pintail duck, red wattled lapwings, owls, vultures, and blue kingfishers.