There has been a lot of talk about wildlife enjoying their freedom while humans are confined. The cameras you take for making your trip quintessentially beautiful can capture some of the rare species in Pench National Park. You can view leopards, including a pair, and many more beautiful wild creatures. Pench National Park and its candid safari let you discover the generous and rare sightings. 


Tiger safari in Pench National Park

The splendor and thrill of exploring the forest after dusk, especially at night, is unmatched by the daytime safaris and walks. The Wolf Sanctuary Zone is the only area where night safaris are conducted.


Sightings of rare nocturnal creatures will surprise you. Your ride becomes more enjoyable as the temperature becomes cool and pleasant. While the darkness may seem intimidating at first, the soothing caress of Mother Nature will quickly disperse any fears you may have. You may even spot beautiful tigers at night if you're lucky!


Few Popular Zones:

Khursapar Zone-

Another zone haven in the Pench National Park, Khursapar is 9 km away from Village Machaan. It has different natural water bodies, which illustrate loads of species of birds and wild mammals to it. Here rare sightings can happen easily.


Turia Zone-

Turia Safari Zone is positioned 1.5 km away from Village Machaan Resort. The entry gate takes you through the adjoining flora and fauna museum, which embraces information on the wide range of flora and fauna in the park. This zone is open for October to June. 


Karmajhiri Zone-

Karmajhiri's entry gate of Pench National Park has water bodies like Bodanala and Sitaghat. This is located about 45 km from Village Machaan Resort and can be explored from October to June. 


Please Note:

You have to do bookings for getting entry through any Pench Safari Gates.