Usually, national parks are popular for their natural beauty and wildlife adventures. But, can you guess the other factor which adds to your trip experience? Well, it’s none other than the persistent food traditions which are mainly inspired by the traditional culture. If you enjoy trying various dishes and are a foodie at heart, then you must definitely try the assorted food served at the Pench National Park.


Though Pench may have a limited number of restaurants to offer a variety of popular dishes the state is being famous for but, the organic farming practiced here is also a bonus for the resorts and the restaurants as the preparation of food done here is healthier and tastier and prepared in a traditional style offering the buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or a set menu. You can relish the assorted local delicacies of Madhya Pradesh offered here like Poha, Jalebis, Korma, Dal Bafla, Dobri Mahua Kheer, Desi Aloo, Angaari Aloo, Biryani, Kebabs, Laddoos, Rogan Josh, and many more along with the beverages like Lassi and Sugarcane Juice. The Pumpkin Flower Pakora is the most popular local food in Pench prepared with edible flowers and is the regional snack here grown from the pumpkin plant.


Some of the famous resorts where you can relish the unique food in Pench are:

1. Mahua Vann

2. Pench Jungle Camp

3. Pench Tree Lodge

4. Village Machaan

5. Kipling’s Court


Consequently, there are many such resorts and restaurants where tourists can relish assorted dishes along with wildlife exploration. Also, the food and the hospitality being provided here are brilliant.


So, if you are planning your trip to Pench National Park this festive season don’t forget to relish its assorted cuisines and wilderness!