New Year's Eve is bound to treat you like a queen and such a special occasion brings a lot of beautiful experiences that we owe during our travel. The lovely experience is not going anywhere and making things happen in the eve is truly mind-blowing. Pench National Park is ever charming to travel around as there are popular attractions. Loads of fun are indeed head turners and the rich biodiversity is here to surprise you with many fun elements. 

There is no dearth of fun, and sparkling moments and the view of the landscape offers the best things to see. Empower the wildlife escapade with loads of fun and determination so nothing can stop you to lead a wild lifestyle in the most attractive place. 

Few staycation options in Pench Tiger Reserve

Wildlife safari 

Pench Tree Lodge

Tuli Tiger Corridor Resort

Tiger N Wood Resort

Pench Tiger Home

Turiya Zone in Pench National Park: Serenity Overloaded 

Turiya Zone is Pench National Park is oldest and most well-liked safari zone, located only 4 km away from Turia. This zone's entry gate is adjoining the Pench Wildlife Museum, which spread the word about the flora and fauna of the park. 

Turia village offers a close safari entry gate and this area is measured to be a premium zone which is located in Madhya Pradesh. The Turia zone is the most beautiful landscape and is famous among tourists because there are very higher chances of spotting wild animals in their natural habitats. A wide range of water bodies can be found in the jungle, such as Baghinnala, Ber Van Talab, BhondewaliDobri, Malkundam, Bijamatta, Jinewani, and MahadeoGhat also on the reservoirs of the Pench River. This zone is famous due to the Collarwali, the queen of Pench lives here. 

Turia Jeep Safari for Flora and Fauna

To discover the flora and fauna of the national park, a jeep safari is the best way to go with. There are two shifts operated by Jeep Safari, one in the morning and one in the evening. In the park, only four-wheelers registered with the park supervision are allowed on Jeep Safaris. A total of 34 vehicles are allowed in the morning and evening to be inside the Turia zone. Six travelers can occupy the jeep properly and we can go in the assigned routes. 

Taking into consideration Turia is the most popular safari zone. It is suggested that you book your safari at least 120 days prior. Online bookings for single seats are only available for core zones. Tourists in the vehicle will be responsible for paying separate guide and vehicle hire fees before undertaking the safari at the park. Else, one can book safari tickets through hotels or travel agents.

Visitors are liable to carry their original identity document throughout safari drives as it is verified at the doorway gate. Safari tickets are non-cancelable. If you are taking a safari drive, a guide service is necessary for each safari vehicle.

You must visit this landscape for capturing the authentic beauty of nature.