A Keen follower of wildlife and photography on social media platforms must be aware about Anurag Gawande’s effort he put in capturing the rare black leopard in Maharashtra’s Tadoba Andhari National Park in the year 2020 while crossing the road. The Big cat was out hunting the deer when he grabbed the rare moment to capture the big cat and took a few shots; he said the opportunity was like finding a needle in the hay.


In the year 2021, he again encountered the same black leopard and this time the snapshots he took were more lucid and stupendous. He even managed to record the video of the big cat while it was crossing the track in Tadoba; in the meantime the big cat was staring right into the camera 30 feet away. This was the second time he encountered the big cat at Tadoba and was thrilled to describe the moment when he captured the big cat and said this time they kept their vehicles far off in order to capture the perfect setting of the shot. 


And, it is for the third time in the year 2022 that he managed to capture the another rare black leopard but this time at Pench National Park and made it hard to believe that he did it thrice!!!


Such spectacular low light shots were achieved near about 9 hours of sitting tight inside the national park after 6:30 pm. 


Gawande told he wanted to seize the enchantress the day he got to know that the big cat is giving good sighting. Also, he added that it wasn’t an easy piece of work to be executed and had to wait for about 9 hours of sitting tight and later in the evening when the big cat gave the appearance, he took some splendid snaps and recorded the videos.