A different version of travel awaits your appearance and don’t delay in discovering the new destination that hits you uniquely while stumbling upon blogs, websites, and other content. Serene destinations like Pench National Park possess a breathtaking blend of antique and authenticity located center of a varied species of flora and fauna. Featuring a spectacular blend of the traditionally rich shrine, forts, innate caves, rising and falling mountains, cascading waterfalls, intense woodland, shimmery rivers, and more, Pench is a must-visit destination. 


Don’t Skip Pench Flora and Fauna

Flora - Sal Trees, Mahua trees, Palash trees, Teak trees, Neem, shrubs, fruit trees, etc.

Fauna - Royal Bengal Tigers, Wolfs, Jackals, Gaur, Four-horned Antelope, Sloth Bear, Sāmbhar Deer, Leopards, black bears, and many more.


The abode for the nature lover

The Pench area has for eternity been rich in wildlife. The destination is dominated by a moderately open canopy, mixed forests with significant shrub coats, and wide open grassy patches in a dry deciduous jungle. Pench's high surroundings heterogeneity and high density of population of Chital and Sambar will truly make your day. The highest concentration of herbivores in India is in Pench Tiger Reserve so you got many better reasons to wander in this landscape. 


Sighting Rate of Tiger in Pench Tiger Reserve

Since Pench National Park sighting rates are so higher than other national parks out here in India. Few national parks are looked upon as a smash-and-grab approach to tiger spotting, while Pench offers a more peaceful and secluded setting. Pench offers a more peaceful and sheltered setup for tiger spotting than other national parks. 


Few Facts

There are few zones in Pench where sighting through Jeep safari is equal to zero but you can make it lively another way out. A few core and buffer zones both are relevant for a proper sighting experience so visiting Pench is worth it for you.  


Few Points for beginners too

If you are coming on your own then your vehicles are allowed till your staying point.

Guides are not mandatory to get hired as drivers are here also skilled in the forest and can help you in monitoring the forest essentials and safari rules. 

Few paths are unconstructed or tough to reach out but you do have not to think about the same as the driver must know previously. 

If you do not want to miss out on the feel of the forest then you should skip your drive ride and rely on a jeep safari or trekking. 


You will beyond doubt adore the close look at the number of natural and man-made wonders. The enjoyment will be unstoppable and fun is out there that awaits you. The interesting fact about the place is that endows the best of the fun in whichever way you want. Your fun is incomplete without a tiger safari to the pre-booked safari zones in Wildlife activities in Pench.


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