Pench National Park is so beautiful all year round, but especially during winter months. Here are 3 powerful things you must not ignore if you visit Pench in winter. Wintertime in this park runs from December to March but the best months to experience these activities and experiences are January & February. Regular flights operate from major cities to Nagpur airport from where Pench can be accessed by car in a couple of hours (130 km). In the winter season, it’s better to hire a local driver with the car. 

Frozen Khoka Lake in Pench

Take a day trip to Khoka Lake and go for a surreal feel with the frozen lake during this wintertime. Sunset is the most rejoicing moment that you can spend before the lake. You can have a pre-planned setting before the lake and you and your family would have a great moment with food and beverages. You could enjoy the heart-capturing beauty amid the nature of the Pench. 

The Kohka Lake Adventure Camp is an authentic venture to provide folk with a plethora of knowledge about Pench which includes the Jungle safari. The snow view is unbelievable you cannot get over the prettiness of the jungle and visiting other nearby places. We have also seen many incorporated best natural world sanctuaries in India, especially known for protecting the majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, but Pench builds wildlife curiosity among wanderlusts.

Hop on the Pench and take it up to the second tier for snow-laden panoramas on a clear day. 

Travel is one of the best ways to attach to a vast mass of people. We pen down the thoughts and experiences generously and at the same time let people build their dream come true trip.

Things that need to be considered while in Pench

The Core zone of Pench is divided into three gates: Turia gate, Karmajheri gate, and Jamtara gate. The Core area of Maharashtra is almost 257sq km and it is 1999 considered a Tiger Reserve. This Reserve is home to world-famous tigers such as Collared Tigress and many others. Pench is housing a massive biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Pench Safari Zones

Pench ( Maharashtra) also has a well-known safari gate, and they are Sillari and Khursapar. While there are other gates also available those are Saleghat, Kolitmara, Chorbahuli, and Surewani as well. 

The buffer area of the park should not be taken for granted. They are must-visit such as the Rukhad buffer, Teliya Buffer, and Khawasa buffer. Uninterrupted views of the deciduous woodland and lowland let you observe the multitude of wild birds, butterflies, and wild animals during a jeep safari.