Kohka Lake Pench National Park

It is magical to watch the sunset at the glittering Kohka Lake in Teliya; the lake is a small reservoir where thousands of water birds roost during the evening, that’s why it makes for a wonderful getaway. Visitors can also stay here at the Kohka Wilderness Camp. It is a picturesque lake located in tranquil and lush green surroundings in the Pench National Park. Innumerous interesting activities like bird watching, fishing, picnics by the lake, alongside nature walks, camp Kohka, and other such activities are being carried out for a delightfully memorable experience. And especially, the nights here are magnificent where visitors and Astro photographers can look up at the sky and experience the view of the stars.

pench kohka lake
kohka lake pench


Kohka Lake lets you experience nature at its very best. Also, the Kohka adventure camp here is a profound venture giving people information in abundance about Pench along with these activities to keep the visitors entertained and relish the moments spent here.

Where animals run on the roads, one can watch the sky for miles, trees sway to embrace the visitors, and shy and innocent faces gaze at each other, all this happens in the world of the little village of Kohka near Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh. To recover from the trauma of being a city dweller, Kohka is the place you must visit while touring Pench Tiger Reserve. Being a forested area, flora and fauna are abundantly found here. Along with Potter’s village,Pachdharis also located nearby to the Kohka Wilderness Camp where visitors can enjoy the art of making pots and learn pottery lessons. Also, one can buy souvenirs to take back home. 

The Kohka Wilderness Camp is an eco-friendly camp named after Kohka Lake where visitors can stay and relish the activities happening around. It is a picturesque lake located in the lush green and tranquil surroundings of the Pench National Park. It is popular among tourists for sunset sightings in the glittering Kohka Lake along with various other activities like bird watching, fishing, nature walks, photographing, picnics by the lake, and more such recreational and wildlife activities in Pench for a delightfully memorable experience

Kohka Lake lets its visitors experience nature at its best while organizing the Kohka Wilderness Camp. Waking up early in the morning while being in the forest and enjoying the morning walk with the naturalist and learning about nature and different species, the visitors experience a perfect start to their day. Hence, the Kohka Wilderness Camp is a profound venture giving information in abundance to its visitors and keeping them entertained with various recreational activities. 

Things to do at Camp

The Area being paradise for bird watchers and animal lovers, it is advised to keep the binoculars and cameras along with them.

Various recreational activities like fishing, camping, photography, picnicking, yoga, cycling, and many more activities are offered to tourists to relish in a splendid environment.

Tourists can also enjoy a night at the villager’s home on request and organize trips in the neighboring areas as well as camping.

Knowledgeable morning walks with naturalists and learning new things about nature,different species, and more. Tourists will gain experience in a lot more things here.

How to Reach?

Kohka Wilderness Camp is around 100 km. from Nagpur which is easily accessible by train, air, and road. And, the car facility is available from there.

Best Time to go

From the months of October to May,when the Pench National Park is open for safaris, the tourists can go for advance and online booking of the camp as the area is thronged by tourists.