Now that fall and winter are about to make them felt, here are three wildlife-related activities to try with your squad of girls. Thinking of packing the bags and you cannot wait to reunite with the girl’s gang. Being amidst nature is the most beautiful thing when it is seen in its natural state. A poorly maintained cage with cooped animals is a horrible way to teach people to appreciate nature. Animals and other pretty creatures in cages make people believe that humanizing nature is enjoyable. The beauty of nature lies in its untamed, wild, and unshaped state.


Go on a safari in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh 

Take a nature stroll on a Pench National Park safari. The park is best to open till the quit of June every year, whilst it closes for the monsoon and reopens in October. Now that you have very less days left to make a wildlife tour again. 


Your game drive opens up the opportunity of dotting langurs, deer, wild dogs, jackals, ospreys, sloth bears, buzzards, and if Lady Luck is on your side, even tigers and leopards. One thing you should remember is that the driving game will be the best experience whether you spot the animals or not. More importantly, if you're hunting, it's obvious that you will come across any of the wild creatures if not the tiger and leopard. One thing is sure you are not going to compromise on wildlife activities in pench. It has a lot to offer and discover so that all the girls would find the wildlife tour an interesting break from their monotonous life. 


Birding in Pench

Stalking the birds is a great fun activity for the girl’s gang. Pench National Park has unique species of birds both migrant and resident. When hundreds of birds and bird names sparkled precedent during the final moments of the film. Girls can feel a powerful craving to be outside viewing them. Nevertheless, you will feel the urge to go birding as well. Your desire to see them all can grow suddenly. You girls may have a big year one day.


Pench Butterfly Gardens

Without further ado, you should head to the Pench Butterfly gardens which are enriched with vibrant butterflies such as Blue Pansy, Common Leopard, Common Pierrot, Common Jezebel, Striped Tiger, Common Evening Brown, and many more. Girls love to be in the company of colorful and beautiful butterflies. 


Pro Tip:

Pench travel guide is a must

Since girls are going to be on the trip and no boys are allowed. Only girl things will happen and fun would be double with your squad. The safari tickets can be booked online through our website and this is the best time to book so that you can avail good discounts on your safaris to different gates. You also need to follow some criteria for being in Pench Tiger Reserve.


That’s your entire group getaway will be offered and it will be livelier and hassle-free at the same time.