News Update – Madhya Pradesh is known as a state of Tigers but the recent death of tigers is raising constant concern. Recently two tigers have died. Meanwhile, these days the increase in the numbers if tigers in Pench Tiger Reserve is no less than a great news. The Patdev tigress (T-4) here is shaping up to be the next 'Super Tigress Mom'. She has given birth to a total of 20 cubs in five times within 9 years. Right now she is seen roaming in the Tiger Reserve with her four cubs. The T-4 tigress is the daughter of the 'collar' tigress from Pench.

Tigress T - 4 on Mother's Footsteps

Tourists are happy to see T4 tigress roaming with four cubs in Pench National Park. She is following in the footsteps of her mother, the 'collar wali' tigress. The 'collar wali' tigress had died in January last year. Born in September 2005, this tigress had given birth to 29 cubs in 8 times. There is also a record of giving birth to five children in her name. The 'collared tigress' has played an important role in getting MP Tiger State status. Her progeny has a T-4, which is carrying forward the mother's legacy.

20 Cubs in Five Times 

T-4 has also given birth to five cubs simultaneously like its mother. Pench's deputy director Rajneesh Singh said that in 2014 tigress T-4 had given birth to four cubs for the first time. She is roaming with 3 cubs in the year 2016, 4 in 2018, 5 cubs in 2020 and 4 cubs in 2023. It is not easy to raise cubs in the wild, but T-4 is performing this responsibility very well. 

Black Panther in Pench National Park

Apart from Tiger, there is also Black Panther in Pench National Park, which thrills the tourists. Tourists come not only from Madhya Pradesh but also from other states to see them.

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