Nestled in Maharashtra's core, Wardha seamlessly marries tradition and modernity, creating a unique destination for backpackers seeking an unconventional experience. This hidden gem in the central state boasts a harmonious blend of history, spirituality, and natural beauty, catering to diverse interests. From tranquil ashrams to historical landmarks and verdant landscapes, Wardha captivates visitors.

Famous for its temples like Gitai Mandir, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, Mahakali Mandir, and Kelzer Temple, Wardha also boasts attractions such as Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Paramdham Ashram, Gandhiji Ashram Bapu Kuti, and Magan Sangrahalaya Museum, making it a hotspot for tourists.

Wardha's historical significance is profound, having been ruled by notable kingdoms like the Chalukyas, Mauryas, Rajputs, and Satavahanas. Initially under Bahmani rule in 1351, it later fell under Imad Shahi rulers in 1518 after the Bahmani dynasty's dissolution. Following the Mughal invasions, Wardha eventually came under British rule. The district, established in 1866, derives its name from the Wardha River flowing through the region, covering a vast area of 6310 km. Presently a prominent cotton trade centre, Wardha played a pivotal role in India's freedom movement as the site of Gandhiji's Ashram.

Best spots of tourists’ interest in Wardha

Wardha serves as a preferred weekend getaway for nearby major cities, offering a range of attractions to explore. 

1. Sevagram Ashram

When considering a visit to Wardha, the Sevagram Ashram stands out as a must-visit. Also referred to as Gandhi Ashram Bapu Kuti, it is a sanctified haven of peace and simplicity. Founded in 1936, this ashram not only served as Gandhi's residence but also acted as the focal point of India's struggle for freedom. Within its premises, visitors can delve into the Gandhi Museum, which houses a valuable collection of memorabilia, photographs, and documents. The tranquil ambiance and the resounding principles of non-violence and self-reliance render this ashram a profound experience appealing to both history enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. 

2. Laxmi Narayana Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi, this expansive temple was built in 1905 with a marble interior. A must-visit among Wardha's tourist attractions, the Laxmi Narayana Temple showcases the Hemadpanti architectural style, making it a captivating destination for architectural enthusiasts. With intricate carvings, a towering shikhara, and serene surroundings, the temple offers a tranquil space for spiritual contemplation and photography. 

3. Bor Wildlife Sanctuary

Located 40 kilometers from Wardha district headquarters and 65 kilometers from Nagpur, Bor Tiger Reserve offers sightings of diverse wildlife, including tigers, foxes, hyenas, sloth bears, and abundant peacocks. With a rich variety of flora and fauna, the sanctuary provides a worthwhile escape from city life. The Bor Wildlife Sanctuary, just a short drive from Wardha, stands out as one of the finest destinations near the town. Home to leopards, sloth bears, and various bird species, the sanctuary offers a rejuvenating experience. Embark on a jeep safari to immerse yourself in the natural beauty, appreciating lush forests, serene lakes, and the chance to observe wildlife in its natural habitat—a perfect retreat for nature enthusiasts.

4. Magan Sangrahalaya

Magan Sangrahalaya stands as a hidden gem among Wardha's attractions, dedicated to preserving Indian culture and heritage. The museum proudly displays a captivating collection of artifacts, traditional tools, and artistry from various Indian villages, offering visitors insights into the intricate craftsmanship, lifestyles, and traditions of rural India.

Situated approximately 165 km from Wardha, the renowned Pench National Park is a must-visit destination. While wondering How to plan a Pench tour, embark on a jeep safari to witness the diverse wildlife, including spotted deer, Black-napped hare, Bison, Languor, Nilgai, Porcupine, Sambar, wild boar, barking deer, and more. The park, spanning parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, is a rare habitat for fauna species like tigers, leopards, jungle cats, and jackals. Allocating a day for Pench National Park during your Wardha visit promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

Beyond the jungle safari, Pench offers various activities such as jungle trails, cycling, and more, redefining the untamed beauty of the national park. Photography enthusiasts can capture stunning shots, making it a rewarding experience for those seeking the untamed allure of nature.