An unfortunate incident took place recently at Pench National Park recently, when a female tiger cub was rescued from the well after falling into an open well in Hardua village, located in Chhindwara district in Madhya Pradesh. The Feline was found covered with the thick foliage after plunging inside the 20 feet deep well. 

The Forest officials of the Pench National Park rescued the distressed female tiger cub in an operation which lasted for about four hours. The Rescue operation was carried out with the help of a crane along with the attached trap cage which was lowered down into the well at the cub’s level. This was done in order to ensure the safety of the tiger cub so that she could climb safely and the trap door closes and pull the cage up ensuring the safety of the female tiger cub.

Taking into consideration, the likelihood of her having sustained serious wounds, the female tiger cub was relocated to the treatment unit of the Van Vihar Bear Rescue Facility (VVBRF) in Bhopal which is sited inside the Van Vihar National Park (VVNP) for the treatment purpose. 

The Feline was then tranquilized by the veterinary team in order to conduct the thorough diagnosis along with the close inspection of the tiger cub that was approximately 7 months old.

An Official who was the forefront in the whole rescue operation declared after the diagnosis that the feline had suffered the rectal prolapse which was well stitched and diagnosed by the veterinary team. Also, he added that after examining the feline through radiographic evidences, the team found out that she had suffered the hairline fracture on hip and femur bone.

Nevertheless, this was not for the first time that the Wildlife SOS team has come across such case where the big cat is being rescued from the open well or other such similar cases, the veterinary team successfully performs such complex rescues and treatment procedures.

Apart from the susceptible threats like encroachment in the natural spaces, habitat fragmentation and degradation and other such problems posing threats to the wild animals, one of them is the open well problem which has become the death trap for the wild animals inhabiting in the place. 

Such life threatening situations occurs due to the negligence of the forest officials which has also claimed the lives of many wild animals. Due to improper coverage of the open wells properly, this has lead to many such suddenly occurring incidents where animals are either being rescued or die in some cases due to asphyxiation, if not being rescued in time.

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